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Sony SDT-5200, OS X 10.1.5 and Retrospect 5.0

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In an effort to entirely wean myself from OS 9.2.2 I yesterday checked the Dantz web-site for compatibility before buying the desktop upgrade, installing and getting the driver update plugin.




I have a Quicksilver G4 running OS X 10.1.5. It has the Apple supplied Adaptec 2930cu scsi card.




I have a Sony SDT-S5200 dat drive which has a 50-pin connector at the drive end and a 25-pin connector at the cpu end.




The 25-pin plugs into the provided 25-pine to slimline 50-pin adapter that came with the SCSI card.




If I boot into OS 9 my good old 4.x version of Retrospect can see and use the Sony drive.




Under Os X no luck.




I followed ideas from the thread that suggested updating the firmware. I even went out and bought an Adaptec 2906 card and tried it in the Mac.




In Windows I was able to use the Sony tape utility to test the drive.




Also to update the firmware which in fact did not need updating since it was already current.




So at this point in time I am stumped.




Even though things work under OS 9 the only thing I can think of is a cabling issue.




i.e. that going from old style fat-50-pin to fat-25-pin to slim-50-pin has lost a control or data signal somewhere along the way.




Am I wrong on this?




I note that Apple System Profiler, under both OS 9 and OS X, only shows the scsi adapter card but not the tape drive.




Finally Retrospect 4 under OS 9 shows me the device under configure/devices. But the same thing with Retrospect 5 under OS X shows nothing.




Any help is very much appreciated since I really really don't want to apply for a refund.













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Unfortunately, OS X is much pickier about SCSI than OS 9 is.




The Apple System Profiler *should* see the drive and the card, under OS 9 and OS X. If not, Retrospect woudl not be able to see it.




It is recommended that you do connect your drive to a supported card with the same pin configuration.

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Thanks for your reply.


Retrospect 4 sees the drive and has been backing up to it under OS 9 for months now.




Under OS 9 Apple System profiler Devices and Volumes doe not show it in the graph.




I also went out and bought an Adaptec 2906 card which is supported. I installed it in the G4.




The card has a 25-pin connector. I plugged in the Sony drive.




Under OS X Retrospect does not see it.




Under OS 9 everything works as advertised.




So even with a supported card and cabling minus any adapters still no luck.




Any other ideas?




How can I prove that there is indeed a driver for it in the Retrospect driver updatee?




What software is available along the lines of SCSI probe under OS X so I could do some diagnostics?





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