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Hi, I'm a user of retrospect express (found in bundle with a REV).


My goal was always to use minimum time for every backup, so in the past, with other backup software, I've always choosen INCREMENTAL/DIFFERENTIAL backup: after the "first set" (that in my case may keep more than 8 hours :angry2: ) the program copy only the files that were modified, and in the case that some files in the ORIGIN was deleted, also in the DESTINATION (REV in this case) they will be deleted.


In this way, after the first "full" backup, every scheduled execution will take only few minutes to copy new files or UPDATE modified, and also DELETE no more existing files :content: .


This because in my backup set of 34Gb of files, only 50Mb of them can be modified or deleted at each backup execution.


In my version of Retrospect I've found only the way to make a NORMAL backup (that require a NEW REV disk every schedule, and of course copying ALL the files from the beginning wasting 8 hours of time :angry2: ), a RECYCLE backup (that ERASE a disk and copy again ALL the files from the beginning, with the same time consuming activity :angry2: ).


[color:red]Is INCREMENTAL/DIFFERENTIAL backup possible with express version of retrospect? If yes, HOW!? :confused2:


If no, wich other versions supports this feature?



Please, suggest me a solution.

Thanks in advance!

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