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Network Attached Storage

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I am running Retrospect Single Server Disk to Disk 7.6.111 on an SBS 2003 server. I am having trouble with locating a network attached storage device. The device is a LaCie 1TB Network drive located on a home network some 30 miles away from the server. The device is linked to the server via a hardware VPN (Sonicwall and Draytek firewalls). Windows detects the device and I have mapped it to drive Z which appears in Network drives. However, when I try to locate the disk in Disk Drives in the backup options it is not visible and I only have the option of the two local logical drives. The only way I can set up the backup is through File backup. This method though is proving unsuccesful as the backup seems to take forever, to the point where I'm wondering if its actually hung, even when I stop the job manually Retrospect continues to report the job is active and the only way to stop the job is kill the process in task manager.

Please can someone advise if I'm setting this up incorrectly, or how to make the disk visible. It seems the recommended backup method is disk backup and not file backup which I think is probably causing the problem.

Any pointers or info would be greatly appreciated.


Many thanks... Ben

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