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Topic Split: Want to Delete Restore Points but Can't See Any Toolbars !


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I previously had problem with Maxtor One Touch II.

It did not automatically delete older restore files when backing up and I got a error message saying maxtor was full.

subsequently my comp crashed

got xp and Retrospect HD reinstalled.

-- I have retrospect HD and have updated with EXPRESS_HD_1_1_27.


Did some backups.

When i try to delete some of restore points with red x they dissappear from restore point window but when properties for maxtor HD are opened it doesn't show a reduction in stored data.

WhenI close retrospect and open again- the restore points I deleted appear again.

Don't understand.

Some of restore points have green circles on left, some hav inverted red triangles, some have inverted yellow triangles.

Where can I find documentation for symbols- couldn't find in "help"

also- why won't do deleted restore points keep showing up and why doesn't properties for maxtor hd show more storage becoming available when i delete some restore points.


Also-- before I had to reinstall Express HD- I used to get a window that had 3 button choices on it- but I never get that window now.

I don't remeber what the 3 buttons were but pressing one of them would lead to window where i could choose backup or restore. Possibly one of other buttons was "manage drive "



anyway- need to get some answers to questions above--





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