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breakdown in recognition ability

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I'm on Windows Vista Home Premium 6.0.6000 with an Intel Quad. Retrospect Pro 7.6.111.


I have used Retrospect for several years. I only use the "Duplicate" function. Has always worked a treat for my needs.


I always use Retrospect's "Duplicate" to create backups of all my data. That is the only function I use or need.


I recently transferred all my data from my regular hard drive to a drive that slides inside the computer through a drive bay. That drive bay hard drive is now my [color:blue]PRIMARY DATA DRIVE[/color]. That way, when I connect to the internet, I can slide out all my data by sliding out the hard drive until I'm done on the internet.


This [color:blue]PRIMARY DATA DRIVE[/color] in my inner drive bay is a 1 Terabyte drive.


I don't access the internet very often from that computer, and only once since I began using Retrospect on that computer.


Unfortunately, after sliding the [color:blue]PRIMARY DATA DRIVE[/color] back into the drive bay, thus giving me access to all my data again, Retrospect apparently thought it was different data.


The reason I think this is because the next time I used the Retrospect "Duplicate" function, it deleted ALL the files on my [color:red]SECONDARY Backup Drive[/color], and is now in the process of copying them all over again from the [color:blue]PRIMARY DATA DRIVE[/color] which it should realize hadn't changed much.


Normally, Retrospect "Duplicate" only deletes files on the [color:red]SECONDARY Backup Drive[/color] if I've deleted the corresponding file on the regular drive. In this case, that would have meant perhaps deleting 5 or 6 files out of tens of thousands. Instead, it deleted thousands upon thousands upon thousands. (I'm a photographer.)


Next time around, how can I encourage Retrospect to recognize my [color:blue]PRIMARY DATA FILES[/color] as being the same files, even after sliding the 1 Terabyte Drive that contains them out and then back in to the drive bay?


Please note that this [color:blue]PRIMARY DATA DRIVE[/color] has had the same drive letter assigned since the beginning ("Z"). That has never changed. The paths of the files and folders have never changed (at least from my point of view). The [color:red]SECONDARY Backup Drive[/color] has also had the same drive letter all the time. It also disconnects when not in use, but I've done that disconnect over and over and over, without this failure in recognition occurring.


Also, please note that I do these little Retrospect "Duplicate" backups one or two or even three times a day, and Retrospect rightfully recognizes that it normally only needs to delete a few files, and copy/compare a few more - easy as pie. Until I slide the PRIMARY DATA DRIVE out and then back in, as described above. That's when it all went south.


Again, I'm on Windows Vista Home Premium 6.0.6000 with an Intel Quad. Retrospect Professional 7.6.111.


Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

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