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SONY SDT-11000 s l o w or...

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I had an internal SONY SDT-11000 DDS-4 tape drive in a Dell server running Windows Server 2000. Retrospect Windows Multi Server v. was working great with the hardware. That machine crashed and burned.


I took the Adaptec SCSI card and the tape drive out of that server and installed them in different Dell also running Windows Server 2000. I also installed the drivers for the SCSI card and the SONY tape drive.


And I installed the 7.6 version of Retrospect Windows Multi Server. Something ain't right. When I try to do anything, Retrospect tells me the drive is 'busy' even though the busy light on the tape drive isn't on. It's so slow, I can't tell if Retrospect is locked up/frozen or if it's just unbearably slow. Needless to say all our company's data was on the server that crashed. It's also backed up on to tapes that I can't seem to read!



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