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So here's the problem, because I've had so much trouble finding the


right browser on the right platform to even try to issue this query


(Netscape on UNIX, nicht. Netscape on PC, nicht. Explorer on PC, yes,


but no post privileges, nicht):




Needed to restore from a Desktop 4.3 (Macintosh) incremental backup all


of my data (stolen laptop) to a new laptop, running Mac OS 9.2. Ran


Retrospect for the latest snapshot, July 11, 2002. Everything got


dumped, as far as I could tell, except two Quicken 2001 files. I


searched for the file names among the snapshots and found the last


backups in Oct 2000. The start-date for the backup is in January 2000.


I'm not sure what happened that either stopped Retrospect from backing


up those two files or to "hide" the backed up files in subsequent


snapshots. One possibility is that around Oct 2000, I upgraded from an


earlier Quicken release to Quicken 2001, however, the file names stayed


the same and my method of backing up stayed the same.




To back up, I select uber-folders and back up everything inside them.


Thus, I continued to assume that those two files were being backed up,


along with everyth


ing else.




Is there hope that I can retrieve July 11, 2002 data? Or am I sunk?



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If you do a search for the file name, and newer versions are not showing up, it would indicate that they are not in the backup set.




You upgraded Quicken around the time of the last backup of the file.




Maybe the location of the database file changed and was no longer in the folder you were backing up?




On upgrade, programs will sometimes leave the old application version and the new application version side by side (separate folders on the hard drive). You indicated that you were backing up subvolumes, rather then the entire drive. Your subvolumes may have pointed to the 'old' Quicken folder, rather then the 'new' Quicken folder.




Whenever possible, we recommend backing up the entire drive to ensure that files are not excluded via subvolume or selector.

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