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Random Backup Drives

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I have no idea how else to say what I want to do other than random backup drives.


At present, I have 5 drives in rotation for our daily-to-external-harddrive backup (external 250GB USB, critical info only) as well as a "Normal" backup-to-internal-drives of the entire server onto a separate RAID partition.


My problem is that I have a scheduled backup with 5 different backup sets for each day (Mon - Fri) which backs up to a similarly named drive. The problem occurs when, say, a drive is left in for more than 1 day. What I want is (if this can be done) to scan the harddrive BEFORE updating, determine which drive is in there and with which data, and append backup data as required. This way, if I leave a drive in there for a month, it will still backup daily and the backup won't take 9+hrs to do a full backup each time.


I hope what I am saying makes sense ... I am trying to ensure that, if I leave this place, that the backup software will continue working even if people stop swapping drives. At present, if you don't swap the drive, Retrospect asks for the proper volume for that day and this causes the full backup to wait instead of running in the background.



Retrospect 7.0.326


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