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Adding OS X Clients into Workgroup 4.3 Backup

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I'm running Retrospect Workgroup Backup v4.3 on a G3/OS 9.2.2, with 30 client licenses installed. There are five or six unused, available client licenses on the backup machine. All clients currently run either OS 9.1 or OS 9.2.2.




Note that the nightly client backups are data only -- we do not back up any applications or the OS itself.




We'll be adding a couple new Macs to our population soon, which will be running OS X 10.1.5, and later 10.2 Jaguar. Since we have spare client licenses available I'll want to add these new Macs into the nightly backups.




Note that the data on these new Macs will be on a separate partition, not on the OS X partition. [This will be similiar to the OS 9 Macs, where data is kept on a separate partition of the hard drive.]




I assume that all I'll need to do is install an X-native version of the client on those new Macs, and that they'll link-up okay with the Workgroup Backup 4.3 running on the G3/9.2.2.




Is that correct? If so, where can I download the X-compatible client installer?




If this is not correct, then exactly what will need to be done to add these new OS X Macs into my existing backup setup?




And if by chance it's not even possible to add OS X clients into my existing backup setup, what would need to be changed?




[i didn't find any client installers on the Downloads page, and nothing on this subject at all in the FAQs or the Knowledge Base.]




Thanks in advance for any help.

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In order to backup OS X clients, you will need to upgrade to Retrospect 5.0. Version 4.3 will not log in OS X clients. You will also need to upgrade any client packs you may own.




For complete information, please see:






The current version of Retrospect will not be compatible with Jaguar. We are in the process of building a Jaguar-compatible version. Details will be announced as they become available.



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Bad news, but thanks for the info.




There is no way we can afford an upgrade to v5.0 for the Workgroup software, as well as upgrade our 30 client licenses.




Since there's no way for Workgroup v4.3 to connect with an OS X workstation running the X-native client, we'll either have to run OS 9.2.2 on the new Macs, or else devise a different backup solution for them.




But since 5.0 does not support Jaguar, I suppose we'd have to back them up some other way anyway. [Plus, we wouldn't want to have to purchase a second upgrade, if we could go that path, after Dantz releases a Jaguar-compatible version.]




Thanks for your time.

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