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All tapes reported as "Erased"

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I'm using Retrospect Backup 5.0.205 on a Powerbook G3 Lombard (with built-in SCSI) running 9.2.2 connected to a SCSI Hewlett Pakcard SureStore DAT24 drive (DDS3 12/24 drive - revision number L812).


All of my tapes are coming up as Erased, not allowing me to rebuild a catalog from the contents of the tape. This wasn't the original drive that was used when the backup was made so I know that this might be an issue. I don't know what brand of tape drive it was.


I've read on this forum that there may be other ways to restore these backups or figure out what is wrong with the tapes or drive. I have no problem putting some form of Linux (I have Ubuntu) onto this laptop if that would help me recreate or pull the files off these tapes. I'm a geek (but don't know many Linux commands) but I can learn. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Retrospect has an odd algorithm that reports tapes as "erased" when it gets an error at BOT. Bottom line, this drive can't read your tapes.


It could be that the tape format is incompatible, it could be due to misalignment between the two drives, or it could be because the old drive had a different hardware compression algorithm than the new drive.




Put in the old drive, put the tapes in that, use the "Transfer" function to transfer the data from the old tapes to backup sets on new tapes.



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