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Retrospect Express 6.1.126 error 53 (volume off-line)


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I have Retrospect Express version 6.1.126 running on my Mac G-5 with OSX version 10.4.11 and Maxtor One Touch II external hard drive. I cannot successfully run the One Touch Backup using either the One Touch button on the hard drive or in the Retrospect application directly. I get an error 53 (volume off-line) every time. I can see the hard drive Maxtor Bootable Backup and Maxtor Extra Storage icons on my desktop and can access both to see stored files. I created a Bootable Backup a while back and have been successful in using the One Touch backup feature numerous times in the past. I have also encountered this problem before and received technical support from Maxtor to correct this problem in the past. I cannot find my step-by-step instructions to correct this problem. I am not home during the Maxtor or Retrospect Express support times during the week and cannot reach them on the weekends when I am home. I also cannot find the help I need on the EMC Retrospect or Maxtor websites. I remember that I had to do something simple on my Mac to resolve the problem, but I cannot remember what it is. PLEASE HELP ME before I loose valuable info on my MAC hard drive.

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