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VMware Issue


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Greetings. I have Retrospect Client 7.6.106 running inside a VMware 1.06 guest virtual machine, Windows Server 2003 2003 R2 x64.


The last two times I tried including it in my overnight Proactive backup script, it crashed with the below msg. What's worse, it takes that server off the network, so I need to reboot it.


"Faulting application retfwset.exe, version, faulting module retfwset.exe, version, fault address 0x00002f79."


The log from the backup server says error -519 (network communication failed). It got 2.5 GB before croaking the first time, about 4.5GB the next. I remove it from the script and the server runs fine for days/weeks w/o issue.


The host server, which is running the same OS/client software (but is a real server, not a VM) has no problems backing up.


Any thoughts/suggestions/pointers as to how to troubleshoot and fix? Seems like there might be some conflict, or configuration to do to get a VMware guest backed up safely.


Thanks in advance.



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