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backup set is HUGE compared to original

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Help! When I backup, I get a crazy set of files on my destination disk, which add up to about twice as many GB as I actually have on my computer. My old Mac G4 is teetering on death, and I just want to get one good backup before it dies... Here are the specs:


Mac G4, OS 9.1

Retrospect Express Backup, Version 5.1.175

I have two internal hard drives, one with three partitions, one with two partitions. The two drives together equal about 120 GB. I'm trying to back up to an external hard drive -- Acomdata USB 2.0 & Firewire 400 drive (300 GB).


I choose "immediate backup", specifying that I want all the volumes backed up. I create a destination backup set called "All hard drives" and click OK. The Retrospect scannes all my hard drives. A window pops up: "Please select a disk," giving me a choice of my external drive and my flash usb drive. (Presumably, it's asking me where I want to put all the copied files.) I highlight my external drive and click on OK.


The last time I did this, it took about NINE hours to do the copying and verifying. While I can see where it might take that long to copy and verify -- I guess ;) -- I don't understand how I ended up with 150 backup files (don't know exactly what they're called; they have some sort of Retrospect icon) that are 2 GB each and add up to exactly 300 GB -- the exact size of my external drive. I have the feeling the backup stops at 300 GB because that's the size of my ext. drive.; if it were larger, I'd get even more files. What the heck is this? That surely can't be right... I don't have more than 120 GB of original data anyway. Can someone help? Thanks!

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