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Workgroup 5.0 for MAC/Windows?

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Hi all,


I'm the newest member of this forum, and to Retrospect in general. My question:


Is Workgroup for MAC wht I need to be backing up Win2K Pro/Mac OS 9.2 clients?




I have a mixed environment, and no dedicated backup server. Was gonna backup to a Windows machine, but Retrospect do not sell Windows 5.0 version any more.




I'm considering Workgroup for MAC 5.0 for 20 clients, is that my solution?





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While you can backup Windows clients with Retrospect for Macintosh, you are better off using the Windows version. Backing up Windows2K clients with the Macintosh version will require you to use a separate utility to backup and restore the registry (included with Retrospect). The Windows version can backup and restore Macintosh and Windows clients. For full product information, please see: Productscolor=blue>




While Retrospect for Windows 5.0 is no longer available, Retrospect for Windows 6.0 is definitely available. Version 6.0 was released this week. For retailers selling Dantz products, please see:





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The Registry Backup Manager that ships with Retrospect Client 5.6 and later is a tool used by Retrospect for Macintosh for Registry backup. The Registry Backup Manager does not back up most Windows 2000 Server state databases (i.e. not Active Directory, Certificate Services, and the IIS Metabase.)




In addition to the Registry, the following state information is copied by the Registry Backup Manager: COM+ Database and WMI Repository.




The Registry Backup Manager works best with Retrospect for Macintosh and:




Windows NT Workstation


Windows NT Server


Windows 2000 Professional


Windows XP Home and Professional




If you need to back up Windows 2000 Server or Advanced Server, use Retrospect for Windows 5.5 or later rather then Retrospect for Macintosh.




The Macintosh does not require the Registry Backup Manager to copy the Windows 95/98/ME registry.




Regcopy.exe is found in the Retrospect Client Folder on the PC under Program Files.




Retrospect for Windows fully supports the backup of Windows 2000/XP State Databases.

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