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Retrospect v7.6.111.0 Files Excluded Are Still Backed Up

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Using Retrospect Single Server v7.6.111.0 under Windows 2000 Server.


Files excluded thru the Selector are still backed up.


One of the exclusions in the selector excludes where Windows Drive Letter is D: and folder name exactly matches "COMSEG Repository".


Testing the selector correctly shows that folder "COMSEG Repository" and its subfolders and files are excluded from backup.


Checking a backup set that used this selector, browsing the first session of the backup set shows that folder "COMSEG Repository" is not backed up. I browsed several other sessions in the backup set and I was unable to find the folder there.


However when I browse the snapshot for the same backup set I can see folder "COMSEG Repository" together with its subfolders and files. A retrieve operation for several files while browsing this snapshot restored those files.


So even though the Selector Test and the first session of a normal backup set show that the folder is not backed up, it is really there as indicated by the snapshot and by the ability to restore files from it.


Other backup sets that used the same selector exhibit the same problem.


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Check the date that the excluded folder was backed up. You say you did a Normal backup, so I'm wondering if the folder was backed up prior to the time you excluded it in the Selector. Make a new test Backup Set and see if it gets included. Or do a Recycle on an existing backup set.

I created a new backup set and used it about 10 days ago. The results are the same. The excluded folder does show up when browsing the snapshot, and I can restore from it, but it does not show in any of the individual sessions. This new backup set was created and used after the exclusion was created.



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