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Windows 2003, 7.6, Activity Monitor

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I'm not sure if this belongs in the "Vista, 7.6, Activity Monitor" thread (since it concerns Windows 2003 but represents similar problems, I think) but since upgrading our Retrospect to the newest version we have encountered a problem with the way it works using Terminal Services along with the appearance of a frustrating an apparently functionless Activity Monitor.


It seems that if (say) the Retrospect machine is rebooted, but never logged into, it begins its scheduled runs in a 'console' session (?). If Retrospect is then already running by the time someone logs in with Terminal Services, clicking the Retrospect icon launches (what appears to be a non-functional) Retrospect Activity Monitor and not Retrospect itself. The "Activity Monitor" looks like a little blue splash screen (except that it can be closed) and presents no useful information.


It does not appear that the "Configure" checkbox regarding running in terminal services sessions has any effect. (This problem is new since the addition of the Activity Monitor.)


Our only fix so far has been to launch task manager and force closed the "retrospect.exe" process then re-launch Retrospect (and hope the job, catalog, or backup files that were being used in the inaccessible Retrospect session will survive) or to reboot again and remember to terminal serve in quickly if a job run is anticipated.


Occasionally in the past two terminal services sessions might conflict with one another accessing Retrospect and an error box would come up about closing the other session's Retrospect (sometimes this worked, sometimes it did not, but it was far better than the new behavior).



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