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Retrospect Event Handler crashes silently

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I just migrated my backup server from a PowerBook G4 Titanium (hey, what else can you do with a TiBook with dead screen?) running 10.4.11 to my new Mac Pro running 10.5.4. Retrospect seems to work fine so far, and is much faster, but my Retrospect Event Handler script pops up in the dock and then disappears two or three times, then just disappears. I can't find anything in any logs to indicate the error.


Now here's where it gets weird. If I re-copy the Retrospect Event Handler script (I'm using the Python version, BTW) to /Library/Preference/Retrospect and don't touch it, then it starts when I start Retrospect (6.1.230, BTW), and stays in the dock. If I make ANY edits to it at all, it goes back to the try-try-try-fail sequence.


I'm no Applescript whiz, but I have successfully edited and saved this script before, on the old computer. Any ideas?

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A few things have been discussed here on the Forum already:


Although the contents of the event handler are just lines of AppleScript code, for some odd reason the script file itself doesn't seem to be happy if you edit it with Script Editor running as a native Intel app.


So, either create a new, blank document, copy/paste the AppleScript code you want, name it correctly (without the ".app" file extension that Script Editor puts in place), and save it in the correct place.


Or, run Script Editor in Rosetta and edit the pre-existing script.


I have no idea WTF is the cause of this behavior.



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No joy. I've tried copying the text of REH out to Text Edit, then copying it again and pasting it into a new script, then saving that script. Then I renamed it to remove .app. And I get the same behavior.


However, I do get this entry in system.log


Aug 5 20:35:46 WalkerMacPro com.apple.launchd[105] ([0x0-0x1d61d6].AuthenticateUser[3874]): Stray process with PGID equal to this dead job: PID 3877 PPID 1 LaunchCFMApp


Which makes me wonder whether it's something to do with Retrospect running as root. Do I need to go into terminal and set the file SETUID?

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No, it dies immediately, with nothing in the log.


Well, ok then, it has nothing to do with Retrospect per-se.


Your next steps would be to make a fresh script/application without any AppleScript, and test that it runs. Then add some AppleScript, test, etc. Then start adding the AppleScript text from the Event Handler and see if there's any chance (which I doubt, but what do I know?) that some AppleScript syntaxt itself is causing this.

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