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Vista and Express HD 2.0.215


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As many others, I also experienced the "updating status…" problems after installing EMC Restrospective Express 2.0 HD on Windows Vista.


Windows Vista Enterprise 32-bit SP1

EMC Restrospective Express 2.0 HD v2.0.215


I tried all the tricks I could find, de-installing, cleaning up files and registry, rebooting, turning off Windows Firewall/Defender, etc, etc. Nothing worked. After about 5 hours of frustration I decided to check the WD website and strangely enough there was only an older version, v2.0.214.


I have now installed this version and it works like a breeze first time around.


So if you bought a WD drive over the last 6-9 months and ended up with v2.0.215 and get the same problems, simply downgrade.


Of course it doesn’t solve the problem why v2.0.215 is not working …


Best of luck


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