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1116 Errors-If I solve this, I am ready to go!


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Hi there,




Well, my last question got 7 replies and helped solve my problem. Let's you guys(gals) are just as helpful here!




This is the issue:




I have three scripts set to backup various folders nightly at 4:00am, 4:30am, 5:00am to a file on a mapped network drive. (x:/retrospect)




My services are set up properly. It logs on as me. I can check the media without problems.




Accessing the x: drive is never a problem.




I wake up one morning, and on two of them, I see this kind of stuff:




+ Normal backup using P Drive A at 2002-08-06 4:00 AM


Can't access backup set The Entire P Drive A, error -1116 (can't access network volume)


2002-08-06 4:01:44 AM: Execution incomplete










So I do all kinds of tests.




Sure enough, the two that didn't work require the backup sets to be repaired. I do that.




I set the scripts to go off in a few minutes. Close retrospect. Sure enough. the scripts run. Success, success, success!




I try to repair the three backup sets, and each of them say "no need to repair them.."




I am happy, and leave for the night.




4:00am, 4:30am, 5:00am, the scripts all run.




I get to the office in the morning.




One worked.




Two of them report 1116 errors.




A R G H !




Sure enough, those sets need to be repaired.




They were PERFECT in the afternoon.




What's ironic is that only the third script worked! Now, that is a bit strange... suddenly the x: drive came on-line? No way.




Has ANYONE ever had these issues?




This happens with Express and Server, too.




Any ideas/suggesions/insights are more than welcome!





















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Hi again,




Just a small follow-up...




I am trying to check the scripts (the 1 that worked and the two that didn't last night),








The two that didn't work reports:


Failed - 1101 (Can't find it)




The one that did work also reports an error, but a different one..




1017 - Insufficient permission.




W E I R D !










Anyone know how to COMPLETELY remove Retrospect? Registry, Config Files, the works?




I did install Server on the same machine after removing Express.




I should maybe try cleaning out EVERYTHING and starting again.




This is too frustrating!







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