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Retrospect removing tape members on Recycle Backup


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I am using Retrospect Backup 6.5 for Windows (version 6.5.350).


When I run a Recycle backup, the catalog file is being reset as expected, but also, all of the tapes associated with the backup set are being removed from the Members tab (in Configure -> Backup Sets). I had a prior installation of 6.5 and I'm certain this wasn't happening. It is very frustrating and time-consuming, because after each Recycle backup, I have to go to the Members tab and add members back one-by-one, confirming I want to erase each one, waiting for my tape library to load it, etc. -- it takes like 20 minutes (15 tape library).


The only thing I can think of that might be causing this is that I have two different backup sets, and sometimes I haven't switched to the correct set yet when the Recycle runs. For example, I have backup set A and B. A recycle is supposed to happen for A but the tapes for B are still in the tape library. I really don't think that's the issue though b/c I'm sure that's happened before and I didn't ever have this issue.


Anyone have a solution for this?

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