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Backup Mystery

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I have Retro express version 5.6.132


Backup Devices Seagate "Tapestor" 8Gb version and a Pioneer A104 DVD RW




I have set retro express up for unattended backup and quit out of the program and it says would you like to Check the Backup Set? ..... I do this and it says everything is Ok...




I come back in the morning and Retrospect has started but it says there is no Tape in the drive!!!!!. I remove the tape and put it back in and the backup starts.




Please help.... It is driving me Nutz





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It almost sounds as if somehow the tape drive is being put to "sleep" like a hard drive. Sounds bizarre, but that's the only thing that makes any immediate sense.




Retrospect is dependent on the drive to report whether or not a tape is present. If the drive reports a zero state for the presence of a tape, Retrospect has no choice but to accept that.




What operating system is this? A third-party driver (or perhaps even a corrupt default Microsoft driver) being loaded for the tape drive might be interfering with Retrospect's operation somehow.

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