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Win2k Privileges via Mac Problem


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We're struggling with a very frustrating and nasty problem that appears to be a Retrospect bug. We are using the latest version of Retrospect for Macintosh, trying to get it to copy files intermittently throughout the day to a second site. The copy is from one Win2k server to another, both mounted on the desktop. (We cannot install the Retrospect Client on these servers due to software conflicts, therefore they are chooser mounted). The script is simple enough: copy a folder from one server into a specific location on the other server.




However, each time we run the script, it sets the share permissions on the files so that we don't have access to the files in the destination location! It shows up with a big "lock" on the folder it just copied. The second time the job runs, it fails, of course, since it no longer has rights to overwrite anything in the destination directory. Why does it keep locking us out of files that it copies?




I've noticed that Retrospect attempts to copy the mac Sharing info (Privileges, Owner, User/Group) along with the files (the status window shows "copying privileges" at a certain point) However, it doesn't seem to be following any logic as far as what it does with that information. For instance: If a login called Admin is listed as the owner, with rights to Read and Write, then Admin will nevertheless be locked out of the copied folder Retrospect creates. I then have to go to the destination server and re-force the permissions. It's not simply allowing the folder to inherit the permissions of the parent folder in the destination, either. It seems to be setting explicit permissions on the target folder that are exactly the same as the parent folder EXCEPT locking out the account used to mount the volume. In other words, if Joe and Becky both have rights to the target, and I mount the target logged in as Joe and run the backup, it locks out Joe but Becky can still get in. If I mount it as Becky and run the Script, Joe is locked out of the copied folder... Very strange, and for us, a major dealbreaker in using this product. Any ideas?

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