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There MUST be an easier way... :(

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Hi there,




I posted this on the R.E. Windows forum, but it should probably go here...




Let's hope someone can help me soon with a simple issue with Retropect Express. I'll list the facts simply and clearly..!




(1) In My Documents, I have 25 folders, with numerous subfolders.




(2) Two folders I don't want part of my backup set. (They are MP3's and movies, like a total of 35 gigs!!!)




(3) I am trying to set up a normal backup using the scheduled backup.




(4) There does NOT seem to be a way that I could easily 'uncheck' those two pesky folders.




I know I could make subvolumes out of each of those 23 other folders, but that would be nuts.




If anyone has any insight, please let me know!









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