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2GB restore problem

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I've looked everywhere regarding the 2GB file limit, and maybe i'm just not "getting it" in trying to understand my particular circumstance.




We have backed up many GB of data from a remote volume to a DLT tape (and we have backed up over 2GB of files in one session). No individual file on that tape is even approaching 2GB in size. But, when we do a restore of many files that will total over 2GB, we get an error telling us that the destination has no room for the total restore (if we are restoring 4.2GB of files, it says that the file restore is 2.2GB too large).




Anyway, I thought the 2GB file limit referred to ONE file being >2GB in size. In this case, we are restoring, from tape, many files that add up to over 2GB. Oh, and we are using Retrospect 4.2 on 8.6.1, and trying to restore to remote server (one is IRIX running Helios, one SFM over W2K).




Would updating to Retro 5.x and System 9.x help?


TIA, Kathy

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You have done your research and you are correct in that the 2-gig file size limitation does not apply to your situation.




What is the exact error message that you are getting? Is it possible that there really _isn't_ enough room on your destination drives?




Is it possible that there are any files larger then 2 gig in your backup set? Try setting up a Search and Retrieve restore. Immediate > Restore > Search for files and folders. In the Creating File Selection Criteria choose More Choices. Create a criteria that includes files sizes greater then 1500 megabytes (which is 1.5 gig) and see if any files are found.




What if you try restoring to a local Macintosh volume - does the problem go away?

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