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SDLT320 drivers for Mac

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I just purchased a Quantum SDLT320 tape drive and much to my horror I find that Retrospect doesn’t support it yet on a Macintosh!


Can anyone give me a time frame for release of the Mac OS (OS 9.x.x or OS X) drivers?


Is there a beta version available?


I don’t want to have to exchange it for an SDLT220 (if that’s even possible).


Does anyone know how long it took Dantz to come out w/the SDLT220 driver after those started shipping?





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Due to the nature of drive testing, it is impossible to predict when, or if, a drive will ever be supported. Not all drives will be qualified, and of those that are, some take a while. Yes it's frustrating. That's why we recommend that you check the compatibility list before making a purchase that may not immediately, or possibly ever, suit your backup needs.






Keep on eye on the website - we are continually adding support for new drives. Hardware Search Enginecolor=blue>

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Thanks for the response AmyC.




I will be switching to Mezzo for my backup needs.


They already support the SDLT320.




I'm sure that many others in my industry (Feature Film Post Production) who require the lowest cost/GB in storage and are already adopting the SDLT320 format will be doing likewise.




Sorry Retrospect will be losing many long-time users.

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