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Incremental Backup Error

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OS: Window NT


Exchange 5.5


Exchange Agent: ver. 1.2.113


Using Retrospect Server




I have been doing incremental backups for our company but I have been receiving the error message:


07/30/02 09:31 PM Server incremental copy of "Exchange MDB Database" started


07/30/02 09:31 PM Error: Copy of "Exchange MDB Database" not completed due to error 1


07/30/02 09:31 PM Warning: No previous copy of "Exchange MDB Database" found


07/30/02 09:31 PM Server full copy of "Exchange MDB Database" started


07/30/02 09:37 PM Copy of "Exchange MDB Database" completed




Has anyone else received this error? What is error 1?







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We have Exchange on 2 different drives. The DB files are on E: which has 10.6GB free. That is where the Agent copies the folders. Our Exchange DB is Small (about 2GB). I know that the preferred way to a copy (since it is this small) is to do a FULL but my boss does not want to do that now. I actually called Retrospect yesterday. They told me that it was a "login" issue since it has to do with the automation process. They told me to edit the properties from the "Services" and sign in as Administrator with the password. If I do a Immediate FULL copy and then an Immediate Incremental copy, it works fine but NOT when it's automated. I tried their suggestion and it's still reporting that error. The thing is though is that it works (Incremental copy by automation) for the DS database and NOT the MDB database. Any other suggestions?

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