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Slow SCSI performance with Sony AIT-5

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My older AIT-2 USB drive went bad so I decided to upgrade to a new Sony AIT-e1040s (AIT-5 SCSI LVD/SE external drive) and got an upgrade to Retrospect 7.5 to run it. I used an Adaptec 29160 SCSI card and cable for the interface. Running on Win XP Pro SP2 and tested on both Xeon 3 Ghz and Quad Core 2.66 GHz systems so far.


All drivers check OK in device manager and it works without any errors, but runs much slower than older USB drive. USB would transfer backups to tape at around 400 MB/min from a gigabyte NAS but the new drive gets at most 64 MB/min. Backups direct to tape run around 120 MB/min. According to the tape drive specs, it should run over 40 MB/sec.


Just to check, I ran a backup with the standard build-in XP backup program and it ran at about the same 120 MB/min.


Am I missing something here or do these drives and SCSI cards have problems? I've used SCSI before without problems and it usually works fine as long as you use good cables and terminators. I'm not sure how to proceed as this could be either software or hardware.

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