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Can't completely restore Windows XP Documents and Settings folder


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I'm using Retrospect Express 6.5 on my HP Pavilion with Windows XP through the Selected Files button to restore just the Documents and Settings folder from my full system backup on an external hard drive. I tried it twice unsuccessfully. Each time the procedure stopped near the end--6 minutes short the first time, 5 minutes the second--when it displayed the "Please select Backup Set member" window. I have no other Backup Set or member. Each time there were 2.9 GB left (1,935 files the first time, 1,918 the second). The procedure stopped at this file both times: {09A6E698-6752-450D-AC21-75B2FD65DC32}.BAK. Out of curiosity, I used the Find Files button on the Restore screen to see where this file is. The search comes up empty. Anybody have an idea why this won't work?

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