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Cannot restore onto new computer


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HELP! My motherboard of my old HP got fried, and so I am trying to do a restore onto a different computer. I have a WD External hard drive, and am running Retrospect Express 7.5. I have installed Retrospect onto the new computer. When I attempt to rebuild the catalog using Tools: Repair Catalog: Recreate from Disks: All Disks: Then I click down to the E: MyBook/Retrospect/WD Backup Pro/1-WD Backup Pro, NOTHING shows up. However when I look at E:My Book through windows, I can see all those lovely "AA000**" Retrospect Disk Backup Set files.


What am I doing wrong? HELP!!


Many thanks! Gwenn

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Hi, it brings up a list of folders:



(a bunch of letters/numbers)




System Volume Information



I then choose "Retrospect", then it gives me "WD Backup Pro", then 1-WD Backup Pro. In that directory USING RETROSPECT, which is where I can see the Backup Sets in windows explorer, nothing comes up - as if it is not really there.

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When you are using retrospect and are selecting a disk to recreate, you should only have to click on the disk, and hit the OK button(next to cancel). If there is no backup set data, than it will pop up a message saying "The selected disk does not contain any backup data files etc..." When you click on your E: you should not have to click open, just OK retrospect will search for the backup sets for you.


If you click open, and go to the retrospect folder and open that, it will be empty. When you hit the ok button it should not open up the sub volumes as you stated.

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