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How restore "older version" of a file


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I am a newbie, so if this question was answered a thousand times already, please forgive me.


I want to retrieve a file through the restore/selected files function. My problem is I am not able to find a way to go back several backups in order to retrieve an older version of the file. The restore/selected files function gives me the "last" version back-up; unfortunateley that version is truncated, and I want to go further back to a version that is not.


Any advice from the users here is much appreciated,



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I am not to sure if this is what your asking, but i think you want to restore from an older snapshot?


If so when you are picking your source, and it shows your snapshots (it will show the most recent) you can click the add button and pick a snapshot from a previous date.


you can also use the find files function, and type in the name of the files you are looking for. It should bring up several of the previous file versions.


Let me know if this isn't what you were getting at.


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Thanks JMcIntire,


You gave me the clue I needed "snapshots". With that as a search criterion I was able to figure out how to get to an older version of the file I was looking for.


Maybe the help index should have something under "old" or "older files" that direct the help seeker to snapshots.


Thanks again for the help.


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