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Script for Incremental Backups

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Am trying to write a script to have Retrospect compare files in the archive with files on disks and backup only those files that have been modified since last backup, and files that have been created since last backup. In a former life, I wrote such a script and it worked flawlessly. I can't get it to work now. Thanks.

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That's exactly what a "normal" backup does. What version of Retrospect are you running? What is your configuration? What is the difficulty?


Note that there is also metadata for files (permissions, etc.) that can change and cause them to be backed up. And, sometimes, if you are doing backups to disk (as contrasted with to tape) where the disk is not locally attached or is of a different share or filesystem type than the native filesystem on which Retrospect is running, some metadata (e.g., date/time) may not exactly match so the files may be perceived as being changed simply because of the difference in underlying filesystem infrastructure.



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