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Problems with accounts/users


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I have problems with my Retro Express HD version 2.0 and myworldbook edition 1.


I can created accounts fine via the browsers interface to myworldbook, I can make new folders and users but I can't seem to make retroexpress work with them.


Company got 20 employees and to sort it out better I would like to have 1 folder for each employee and store all backsup in them. So I created folders, added user with full right to the folder and I can map it just fine in the explorer and access it from there. But in Retroexpress I can see it, choose it as backup but when I am quaried for user/password nothing seems to work. Not adminaccount, no the mionet account, not the user I created it just keeps telling me something is wrong.


Have I missed something major?



Btw I can use ordinary backup with stanard folders with my created mionet account but it's so messy to see wich user is wich as it doesn't mark them very well and if I wanna backup a specific user I have to check the restorpoint treestructure to find out who is who.


Any help would be appreciated.


Thanks prehand Andreas

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I changed default username and password and it works fine when accessing it through the webinterface to \myworldbook\. I also have tried using the Mionet generated username/password and it works fine if I access standard root folder of the backupdisk but when I wanna use separet folders it just doesn't work.



Anyone got any clues? I've run try on testing :/

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