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Error when upgrading to Exchange 2000

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We upgraded to Exchange 2000 from 5.5 and now the


Exchange backup agent is giving this error (when trying to do a manual






Error: Copy of "Exchange DS Database" not completed due to error






Also, the nightly backup is giving us this error in the application


event log:




Event Type: Error


Event Source: Retrospect Exchange Agent


Event Category: None


Event ID: 2


Date: 7/28/2002


Time: 9:46:21 PM


User: N/A


Computer: WILBUR1




error 0xc7ff0007. The Exchange database copy failed.




Anyone have this error before and resolved it?







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The Exchange Agent may not have been properly updated to look for your new Exchange 2000 databases, and would still be making API calls for Exchange 5.5 data. Open the Exchange Agent, and right-click on the small red-square "d" logo in the title bar. Click on "Choose Exchange version..." (or something very similar).




Uncheck the Exchange 5.5 box, and check the Exchange 2000 box in the dialog that follows. The Agent should then be able to back up your databases. You should perform a first full backup of the Exchange 2000 data, instead of attempting to perform incremental backups to the Exchange 5.5 data that might already be present.

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