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Retrospect hangs at 'Preparing open file backup...' stage


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I'm running Retrospect Professional 7.5.370 on an Acer Aspire laptop with Windows Vista Home Basic. Initially this also had the free AVG anti-virus installed. I originally set up Retrospect to do a scheduled daily disk backup to the local drive D:, which worked fine. I subsequently added a wireless network and a NAS device and changed Retrospect to use the NAS device but made the mistake of setting it up to do a file backup, which failed as the NAS device uses FAT32 and the backup file is bigger than 4Gb. When I realised my mistake I changed the backup to a disk backup and at the same time replaced the AVG anti-virus program with Kaspersky anti-virus 7 as AVG wouldn't update properly. The backup file sets configured correctly on the NAS device (the empty files are present) and the media is confirmed as being ready. Retrospect now only runs as far as the 'Preparing open file backup...' message, then hangs indefinitely, no error messages, no backup, and simply logs 'verify successful, stopped by user' if I interrupt it. When this initially happened it hung for several days before I noticed the problem, only stopping when I manually closed it down. This problem now persists whether I backup to local disk or the NAS device, stopping the Kaspersky anti-virus program makes no difference either. There are never any error messages, it just hangs showing the 'Preparing open file backup...' message and only stops when I manually stop it. It makes no difference whether the laptop is running on mains or battery either. Any suggestions please before I resort to removing and re-installing Retrospect and/or Kaspersky anti-virus ??




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