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retrospect launcher service


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The retrospect icon is no longer showing on my task bar so when it is time for my backup to run, it won't do it unless I do it manually.  I get a message that says "The Retrospect Launcher sevice is not running.  Some scheduling features will not be active until system restarr or until the service is started manually." I have manually gone in to Retrospect & checked the preferences.  I do have checked for the retrospect launcher to be running & I do have checked for the icon to appear in the task bar.  I also have checked for it to exit when the automated backup is complete.  I thought about reinstalling but was not sure is I should unstall Retrospect & then install.  If I do will I lose my settings for the back up script.

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Version of Retrospect? Version of Windows? Exactly what "Retrospect Preferences" did you check?


For example, from the Retrospect Express 7.0 Read Me:


Retrospect Launcher service fails to start:
If this happens go to Configure>Preferences and browse to the Execution Startup preferences. Clear the "Enable Retrospect Launcher service" check box and click OK. Go back to the Execution Startup preferences, select the "Enable Retrospect Launcher service" check box, and click OK.


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