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Backup Strategy

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I am evaluating Retrospect Backup and would like to know some procedures that I could use. I would like to keep a day by day backup of a server for an entire month, but as the month elapses I would like the oldest of backups of 1month + 1day to be overwritten. Could someone please advise me on what would have to be done in Retrospect. As an aside I would also like to keep a monthly snapshot of the server.






Reuben Grech

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I would do the following




1) ServerBackupA


Monthly Recycle on the first of the month at 4AM (Retro isn't perfect here. Can do every four weeks on the first Sunday of the month or other slight variation so it won't really be exactly monthly)


Daily Normal backup on every other day at 3:58AM (note: on recycle day, you'll get a Recycle followed by a Normal backup but the later will be fast since it will be empty. The time offsets make sure things happen in the right order)




2) ServerBackupB


Do a monthly backup on the 3rd Sunday of the month at 5AM (same note as above regarding monthly/4-weeks). This make sures that this backup is touched two weeks before or after the other recycle backup in case anything goes wrong with that recycle or this recycle. Can either make this Recycle each time *or* do a Normal backup each time and either Recycle manually *or* Recycle once a year, once every N months, etc. depending on how far you want to be able to go back vs. size of the backup.

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