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Exchange mailbox login authentication

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I'm using Retrospect 7.0 on an SBS 2003 server, and I'm having a strange issue with the exchange mailbox login authentication.


I'm using Domain authentication to a backup user, and in the Exchange Server backup volume, that user/password combo works fine, but I keep getting an error "Sorry, authentication failed. Please retry" when I put the user id & password in the Exchange Mailboxes volume. I'm 100% certain I've typed it correctly (I even typed it into notepad and copy/pasted it), and the Exchange Server volume accepts the password, but the Exchange Mailboxes volume does not.


Is there some permissions issue that I'm missing? I'm really confused. I'm using the administrator account for the mailbox volume backup currently, but since the admin pw changes periodically, I'd rather not use that forever.





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This same problem just cropped up for me, only it worked a few months ago when we used Exchange 2003. Since then, we've upgraded to Exchange 2007 and today, I just installed the Retrospect update for Exchange 2007 support.


Now, it's saying "Exchange Mailbox Logon -- Sorry, authentication failed. Please retry". Both the domain administrator login and the local machine administrator credentials give the same results.


Any ideas?




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