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Retrospect Gone Wild!


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I finally was able to reinstall 7.5. Now, Retrospect shows 2 Main C Drives in stead of 1! In addition, I started a new backup but it terminated due to lack of space on the external drive. The external drive has a 120 GB capacity. However, it appears Retrospect is creating multiple backup copies. For example, I have several Backup Set A folders now. 1-Backup Set A contains 82 items (.rbd files) amounting to 82 GB, 2-Backup Set 8 with 17 items totalling 43 GB, and finally, 3-Backup Set A with 58 items using 33 GB. I need to restore data contained in 1-Backup Set A, dated 12/13/07. I can go through the restore steps & select the data but when I attempt to restore I'm unable to as Retrospect keeps pointing to the backup set created on 1/5/08.


My 2 primary questions are as follows. Firstly, why is Retrospect seeing 2 main drives & how do I eliminate the one that does not work within Retrospect. Secondly, how can I restore the data from 1-Backup Set A dated 12/12/07? If I can restore the needed data from that backup set, I can then wipe the slate clean, reformat my external drive, and start an entirely new backup set in Retrospect.



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