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Reinstall Failure


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I recently carried on a dialogue with "Mayhoff" regarding my inability to retrieve my applicatio license. The following suggestion worked the first time:


Have you tried putting the files back into the appropriate directory on the new system?


Try this: http://kb.dantz.com/article.asp?article=9635&p=2


Unfortunately, I had to do yet another upgrade install of Vista! Now, I'm back to square one with Retrospect again. Your tip of changing renaming configXX.dat & configXX.bak does not work this time. In fact the latter file is not even created. Also, it appears that I have numerous copies of 7.5 on my hard drive now. Since I don't have the email receipt for my version 0f 7.5 & EMC presumably doesn't have a record of my upgrade, do you now have further suggestions of how I can just start over, ridding myself of the multiple copies of 7.5, etc. Thanks.

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