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If set correctly Retrospect should be shutting down your machine when execution is complete and no other scripts are scheduled to run within the Look Ahead time.


So, maybe you have other scripts scheduled to run within the Look Ahead time? You can change this time under Configure, Preferences, Schedule.


Hope this helps.



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Thanks for that, Mike - the trouble is that it is set up that way, so should shut down but doesn't. When I open up Retrospect, the drop down at the top of the screen is set to "Stay in Retrospect", but even if I change this to "Shut down", it doesn't as the next script is coming within the scheduled period. However, when it runs it still does not shut down.


As you will have seen, someone else has had the same trouble. speechlessgrem1.gif

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Thanks everyone for your help, but happily I've cracked. No.1 son works in IT and research has revealed that there was something wrong in one of the Windows XP updates, so that programmes trying to shut down the computer fail. I tried it with the virus hunter programme I have and that did not shut down either.


My son therefore wrote a short batch file for me, which I then used task scheduler to run at 22:15 each day. And hey presto, it shuts down!

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