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LaCie Porsche design USB 2.0 750GB drive

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Is there some kind of problem known with Retrospect 6.1.138 (running on Mac OS X 10.4.11 on a PowerMac G5) using a LaCie Porsche design USB 2.0 750GB drive?


If I create a new backup set to backup the startup disk of my Mac mini client on the network to a File on the LaCie drive, the first (full) backup finishes OK. However, every time I try to do a 'Normal backup' (i.e. incremental backup) after that I get this error message:


Trouble matching Epiktetos on epiktetos2 to Epiktetos Backup A, error -24201 (chunk checksum didn't match).


(the backup client is called epiktetos2, the startup disk is called Epiktetos.)


When I perform the exact same steps, but backup to a FireWire Iomega drive instead, the incremental backup works without problems.


Edit: I am using Retrospect Driver Update


Is there a problem with Retrospect and LaCie USB drives?


Many thanks in advance,

Jan Pieter Kunst

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Replying to myself, it seems that the problem is that USB storage connections to my G5 are somehow unreliable. Not only did I get the chunk checksum errors on incremental backups, I also got a lot of 'different data size' errors on files which should have been completely static.


My solution is to attach the LaCie USB drive to another Mac on the network and use it as an AppleShare (network) volume from the G5 (so, not using the USB bus on the G5 at all). Now backups finish without errors.



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