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On Verifying System Freezes

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Hi to everyone, any help is gladly appreciated!




We can do backup. BUT, we cannot do the subsequent verifying. After a couple of minutes the whole thing freezes up.




+ Executing Immediate Backup at 17.12.2007 12:45 Uhr


To backup set Roemertherme…




- 17.12.2007 12:45:06 Uhr: Copying Archiv 12…


17.12.2007 17:38:42 Uhr: Comparing Archiv 12…


Device trouble: “1-Roemertherme”, error 102 (trouble communicating).


18.12.2007 9:59:26 Uhr: Execution incomplete.


Remaining: 5288 files, 40,1 GB


Completed: 338 files, 299,7 GB


Performance: 1253,6 MB/minute (1185,0 copy, 1341,7 compare)


Duration: 21:14:20 (12:32:04 idle/loading/preparing)





G5 Dual 2.5Ghz, Mac OSX 10.4.11, Raid SAN (source), QUANTUM LTO3 HH, ATTO ExpressPCI UL4S SCSI


ATTO Driver 4.2.0


Retrospect 6.1.138 Mac OSX



We had the same issue with a different machine and a different ATTO Card (UL3S).



Any advice?


Thanks in advance,



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1. Yes, it's the Quantum LTO - I don't know the Quantum diagnostics, what is it?


You would have to get those from Quantum. They should have come with your drive. We have diagnostics for our Exabyte VXA-2 1x10 1u PacketLoader (SCSI) that can be run to verify that everything is working independently of Retrospect. That's what I have done before pursuing issues with Retrospect - you need to know that your tape and I/O subsystem is working first.



2. Sorry, I don't know, what you mean with "type of backup set".


I was wondering whether it was a "file" or "removable media" backup set. By indicating that the destination is the Quantum LTO, you have indirectly provided information that it is a "tape" backup set.



3. RDU is 6.1 as it says on the component found the retrospect package content.


There is no such RDU number. The RDU number will be given in the Retrospect logs each time that Retrospect launches. If no RDU number is given, then you don't have one installed, and that could be the problem. The RDU number is also given if you do an "About Retrospect" under Retrospect's "Retrospect" menu in the menu bar.


Complete RDU version history is here, with downloadable files:




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1. Unfortunately our facility is MAC OSX only...


So is mine. I consider it fortunate.



There is no diagnostics app. for The QUANTUM LTO tape drive isted on their website. Do you know wether there is a third party programm?


No. I seem to recall some issues with the Quantum LTO drive and ATTO and some of the later 10.4.x releases because of an Apple bug. You might want to search these forums and the ATTO site. You don't say what firmware you have on the ATTO card, but you do have the latest driver. We aren't seeing issues with our UL4D.



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