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Backing up SQL DB in multiple Backup Sets


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Hi All,


We are running Retrospect Multi Server Version 7.5.387 with Driver Update and Hot Fix Version on a Windows 2003 Server.


We have just purchased the SQL Add on as we would like to start backing up a SQL Database. What would be the best strategy for adding the SQL to our current backup scheme. Currently we run to Backup Sets during the week. One that runs during the day and one at night. The one during the day is called Backup Set A and is finished before the office closes so that it can be taken home each night. The one during the night is called Backup Set B and is scheduled to run during the night. Both are set to Recycle every fortnight on alternating weeks. On Saturday however, we run a third backup set called Weekly Backup Set. This set is then archived, each month we will do a New Backup Set Backup.


Given that tape space is at a premium until we get an auto-loader next year we are looking to minimize the data on the tapes. Previously we have just been doing full backups of Exchange each day to each set. But I would like to possibly change this to Differential along with setting up a Differential with SQL, but what are the consequences in doing so when we have 3 different backup sets running?


For example. If I set Backup Set A and Backup Set B to do Differential Backups, and we need to restore the database from one of these sets will there be any potential issues? I have the same question for an Exchange Differential backup.


Any thoughts or tips on this matter would be greatly appreciated!




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Ok, so a somewhat decent nights sleep over this issue has made me come up with the following idea. Instead of backing up the SQL Databases twice to tape in the way I mentioned before I figured it might be better to:

- Backup the Database to Disk via a new backup set

- Full Backup once a week

- Differential backup each day and night for the the remaining part of the week

- Each day, transfer the backup set to tape to each of the backup sets mentioned before.


I think this will work much better, just is a bit mind boggling.


Let me know your thoughts.

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