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Retro 5 & ASIP 633

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I'm new to the forum, but I understand there is an 'issue' with R5 and ASIP 633. Could someone please comment on what the 'issue' is, my configuration, and whether it fits the profile of the 'issue'?




G4/450 AGP, 1.2 GB RAM, Adaptec 2930U & 39160, internal 18GB SCSI on the 2930, (2) internal 60GB ATAs, APS Technologies SDLT 220; OS 9.1 (OT 2.7.6 & CarbonLib 1.5), ASIP 633, Retro 5; a Micronet Advantage Quad RAID is planned for addtion. This machine was setup, but not deployed by our Art Dept., and now, IT has inherited it.




I would only have daytime artists who download files/templates, never any open files. ASIP would be shut down at night, and the RAID would be backed up. Since this server will be used for such limited purposes, would anyone of you expect a problem in conjuction with the 'issue'?

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Dantz has been investigating several problems that customers have reported when backing up an AppleShare IP server with Retrospect 5.0. Reported problems include:




1) The ASIP server crashes when Retrospect 5.0 autolaunches or


is launched from an alias.




2) The ASIP server crashes at the beginning of a backup with the


Retrospect 5.0 client.




3) Retrospect returns "error 1 (unknown)" for some files backed


up from an ASIP server with the Retrospect 5.0 client.




Our investigation has revealed that these problems result from using Carbon APIs with AppleShare IP software. Problem #1 occurs when any Carbon application is launched from an alias, confirming our contention that it is not a Retrospect issue. Retrospect 5.0 uses HFS+ file system calls, as specified by Apple, which stimulate bugs in the AppleShare IP software, resulting in Problems #2 and #3.




We have reported all of these problems to Apple, but Apple's development efforts are now focused on Mac OS X Server. Without a commitment by Apple to address these problems, we have no choice but to suggest that our customers consider replacing AppleShare IP with Mac OS X Server.



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