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inconsistent auto shutdown

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I'm having intermitent problems with Retro 5.0 shutting down client machines. I'm not Retro expert at all, actually I'm just a Mac geek that was asked to set up my wife's office network. Since I started from scratch, I was able to control all the setup. Her network runs flawlessly. I was then approached by the agency across the street to fine tune their network. The equipment consists of all G4s with one B/W G3 as the Retro machine and they're backing up to an AIT2 tape drive. My approach was two prong, 1) they're backing all completed jobs to an long term storage tape set; 2) a four week cycle of backup of jobs in progress. The script backs up all files on the internal ATA drive on Friday evenings and incrementally backs up Monday to Thursday evenings. The actual back up completes successfully. On Saturday morning, when I check the office, all the machines are shutdown. They are reporting that machines are still sitting at the Retro screensaver when they arrive in the morning. There is nothing unusual in all the machine's setup, I basically duplicated the other office's set up. There's no Norton utilities running (I saw that post). I'm scratching my head at this point, any suggestions.








Jeff Stubbs

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Are your clients putting the clients in Wait at Shutdown mode? Please verify the following:




- First, open the Retrospect Client control panel and click Preferences. Make sure Wait at Shutdown is checked.


- Now, check your script in Retrospect. Go to the Options button and click the Client System options group. Make sure "Shut down when done" is selected.




Now, every night before the clients go home, are they shutting down their Macs? If not, Retrospect will not shut down the machine. The client must be in the Wait at Shutdown state (Retrospect screen saving bouncing around) for any of this to work.




Also, remember the look-ahead time. This is what Retrospect uses to gauge whether or not clients should be shut down. If there is a script in existence that is scheduled to access any of these clients within the look-ahead period (defaulted to 12 hours), it will not shut them down so that this script can successfully execute. Your clients can change this to a minimum of one hour.



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