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Retrospect Express compatibility with OS 9.2.2?

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I've been using Retrospect Express 4.2 and just upgraded to OS 9.2.2.




Is R. E. 4.2 compatible with OS 9.2.2?


Will R. E. 4.2 run in compatibility mode under OS X?








PS. to Dantz. It would be nice to have an OS compatibility chart on your web site in addition to your hardware compatibility information.

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4.2 has not been tested with 9.2.2, though I don't know of any incompatibilities. I'd recommend the free update to 4.3 in any case.




No version of Retrospect will run correctly in OS X's Classic mode. For OS X support, we do have a Preview version of the OS X product we plan to ship at the end of March.




Irena Solomon


Dantz Tech Support

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Thank you for your reply.




Your referenced page indicates 4.3 is a $19.95 option. Is there a free update that I'm not seeing?




I am currently using 4.2 with driver update 1.9.


Can I use the 4.3 Extensions updater? There is no text indicating it is or is not applicable to 4.2


I can not use the Driver Update 2.5 according to the text. Is that correct?









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