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Can't install Retrospect or R. Express

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When I click on the Mac OS X Speedtools icon on the installer, I get the usual Mac permission to install dialogue box, type in my admin password, and nothing happens. Any suggestions?


What's odd is that I had the software installed on my iMac (using the same disk) just before my machine developed an absolutely unfixable kernal panic problem which required the replacement of both the logic board and hd (neither the engineering folks at Apple nor the local Apple approved tech could figure it out). I'm avoiding transferring programs and settings from the backup I did on my external HD to eliminate the slightest chance of transferring the mysterious gremlin back to the new drive, so I'm reluctant to transfer the backup software either. (All my important stuff is safe.)


This is my first post so go easy on me please. wink.gif



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Which are you trying to install, Retrospect or Retrospect Express? They are very different products.


Also, it may be that you had an older version of Retrospect (Express?) and an older Mac OS X, and Apple has now updated your OS with the new HD (you don't provide specifics as to your hardware or OS version or the Retrospect (Express?) version), and the mixed versions just aren't happy together. Just in case this is a Rosetta issue, is your iMac an Intel iMac or a PPC iMac?


When this mysterious non-action occurs during the installation, does anything odd appear in your console log? Open the "Console" (or Console.app) in your Applications > Utilities folder, watch the log as you try to install. Report anything interesting or unusual when you try the install.


I'd suggest, assuming that you have your license code in hand, and if it's for the current version of Retrospect (Express?) that you download the appropriate Retrospect (Express?) from the updates area, and install from that.


The link is here for Retrospect:

Retrospect 6.1 download


And here for Retrospect Express:

Retrospect Express download


Hope this helps. Post again if still stuck.

And welcome to the Retrospect forums. Sorry your iMac became possessed.



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Thanks for the response, Russ. Sorry if I wasn't particularly clear in my original post.


I'm trying to install Retrospect Express on my (early vintage) Intel 17" iMac running the most current (updated) version of OS 10.4. I'm away from my Mac at the moment and can't check the version of RE I installed (which presumably would show up on the external HD that I'd rather not revisit for more than a look/see in case the KP demons still lurk therein) but I bought the external drive that the software came with back in late October, and, IIRC, I installed the latest version then available. (I think it might have been 6.1.)


Long story short, I went to the site you identified and downloaded the available version of RE 6.1. I did not "have [my] license code in hand" as you suggested and predictably was denied installation privileges. Quite frankly, there's been so much water under the "Mac not working" bridge that I cannot remember whether I received a license code upon the initial installation or if I did, whether I wrote it down, and if I did, what in blazes I did with it. [CRS, ya know! wink.gif ] I did locate an archived email confirming registration of the product.


I sent an email to EMC asking how to proceed, but haven't heard back. Any other approaches to the licensing issue, short of having to pay for it (again)?


Many thanks for your help.



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I sent an email to EMC asking how to proceed, but haven't heard back. Any other approaches to the licensing issue, short of having to pay for it (again)?


Nope. I think you have a good grasp of where things are and how to proceed. As you may guess, I don't work for EMC - I'm just a user like you are, so I can't help you on the licensing issue. But EMC support should be able to point you in the right direction; they've always been very helpful to me. You might want to give them a call:

Contact Retrospect Support and Customer Service


I wouldn't be as afraid of your old HD as you are. It's just bits, and the Mac isn't as susceptible to viruses as Windows machines are. Just poking about on the drive with the Finder shouldn't cause any issues.



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