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I am in the process of converting my home network of 3 iMacs + 1 PC from OS9 to OSX. The two client iMacs are operating on OSX, but the 'main iMac' which runs Retrospect 5.1 is still running on OX9. In the process of checking the status of my backups (stored on a 100 GB external HD connected to the 'main iMac'), I deleted the retro.config and retro.icons files. I used the Restore function and copied them to the 'main iMac' then moved them into the Retrospect preferences folder.


Now I can't access my external HD! This means my existing backup files are inaccessible to Retrospect AND I can't backup my 'main iMac' before doing a clean install of OSX (intended to remove years of accumulated gremlins).


Any suggestions to coax Retrospect into recognizing the external HD??


Thanks. frown.gif

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I can now answer my own question, after talking to Support.


Since my backups are on a hard drive I use the 'file backup set' method, with each computer on the network in it's own directory. Inside each directory is a file with the extension .cat; double clicking this file opens Retrospect and provides information on screen about the backup set. This restores the information and, after closing the pop-up window, I am now back in business.





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