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Sorry bout the rush but I need to upgrade my Pbook from 10.15 to 10.26 before leaving town:


What version of Retro do I need/want for OS 10.26.? (I'm running 5.0.238 is this OK?)



I often back up my Pbook while booted off an external FW HD (with retro installed)

-- should I upgrade my OS on this external disk first?



I was planning on doing an archive and install... will want to keep my Retro prefs

(what's the best way to do this -- as I always get permissions errors when I try to drag copy)

*can I drag back retro App folder? anything else or must I reinstall? then find way to move prefs?



ANY OTHER ADVISE RE BACKING UP THEN UPGRADING from 10.15 -> 10.26 greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance,


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5.0.238 is compatible with Jaguar 10.2.x

The Retrospect preference file is called Retro.Config (5.0) and is located in:




If you are logged in as an administrator you should not have any difficulties copying the file.


Make sure you save copies of your catalog files before upgrading.



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