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Split file system install problems

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I am running Mac OS X 10.2.6, and I wanted to update from 5.0.536 to 5.0.540 (server is a W2K running 6.0 MultiServer).


The problem is that I have 'split' my file system. In other words, the Applications 'folder' is not a folder its a reference to an Applications partition, the same goes for the Users 'folder' it's now a partition. I got the information to do this from this hint on MacOSXHints.com


So what's my problem? well, when I try and install the retrospect update it tells me that it needs a valid system folder on the disk where it's going to install. hmm, why? what exactly is it trying to put into the System folder? As far as i can tell, apart from the application, all it installs is a startup item in:



Is there any way of getting this to install *without* having to either change my setup or use another machine. I know I can simply change the setup of my machine, but I'd rather not do that.


What would be nice is a "switch disk" option in the client installer to allow me to select the disk with the system folder on, or maybe an "Custom install" allowing me to then select where I want to install the compoenets.

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